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Hi all,

2007 Avalanche 1500 5.3L. I already replaced my Vent valve solenoid with the new vent solenoid and harness under the spare tire about a year ago.

I remote started the truck yesterday, and it shut off after about 5 seconds. Pulled the code with my Tech2, and it says P0449 - Evaporative control system vent valve/solenoid circuit. Every time I clear it, it comes back immediately. Like as soon as the DTC is reset.

So I bought another vent valve kit with the relocation harness and tubes and installed them. Reset the DTC, and it stayed off for about 10 minutes, then came back on. Now when I Reset the code again, it immediately comes back again.

I bought the evap purge solenoid to replace on the drivers side of the engine behind the throttle body. Any other suggestions?
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