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Well I’ve been lurking around here for a while but it’s always been the gas section. Well Saturday I picked up a 05 lly one owner with 166k. So now I have to start learning. I have a good working knowledge about diesels as a whole and I have a lot of 99 and older Chevy truck experience but that’s about it. Anyway the CEL is set with a p2565 (turbo control sensor high voltage) code. So I looked into how the turbo works on these, tested the position sensor with my multi meter and it’s good. I couldn’t find any wear on the sensors wire ether. I cleared the code and it didn’t come back until the turbo self test on the next key cycle. So I asked the dealer about it today when I went back to finish some paperwork today and they said the previous owner changed a line or something for more boost so now it’s just going to be there (not very helpful, I know).

I also discovered the turbo has been replaced with a stock garret reman (ran the number on it).

So, my question is what kind of mods are there that he could have done to do this? Should I keep the mod? I feels like the turbo spools slow, and it feels like it’s missing some power on the upper end when I really get into it. But this is the first diesel I’ve really drove so I may very well just be to used to gassers. Sorry for the book and thanks for any help!!

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