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Paid Off!!

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Thats right bitches... the TBSS is paid-the-fuck-off WOOT WOOT!! :head: As of the close of business today it is 100% mine... free and clear!! I love the feeling of knowing that I don't have to ever make another payment until I decide to get something else... or at least until I'm ready to get the wife her Tahoe :hmm:
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damn, you paid that bitch off quick!!
Congrats. No payments is always freeing.
:jawdrop: dude, you slingin' rock?:jester: congrats for sure!
holy in the world did you already pay that thing off?
christ, that was quick. i should start slangin rocks
Congrats man! Im thinking about whoring myself out to pay mine off so i can lift it. It takes forever!
Congrats! I just sent in a large check on my new car :head: I hope to have it paid off within a short period too :D
Bad ass, Dylan! Fuck you for getting it paid quick. I need to do that with my truck. Congratulations though, hermano!:shake: :bowtie:
Its about time, ill have gmac forward my bill to your place
That a girl, congrats.
Best way, payments can eat my poo. I wont' have another again.
It's a good feeling, isn't it? Congrats man.
What does your wife drive now?
Her little toyota matrix... which I paid off about 2 years ago. She loves that car for some reason, and its not too bad that she drives it b/c she has a hell of a commute for work. I just want her to get an 07 tahoe... mainly b/c when shes driving around with the kid it'd be safer.

I've told her we should go get her a new ride a bunch of times, but she usually just says "But I love my car" I'll probably just end up getting it and surprising her one of these days soon.
1 - 20 of 29 Posts
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