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paintball stuff

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I have some paintball stuff i want to get rid of. I have the following

full electronic spyder, 12v hoper, 2 200 ball hoppers, 2000 paintballs, a pointzero, 4+1 backpack with 4 120 ball tubes, 2 20oz co2 tanks, 12oz co2 tank, dye excell barrel for the spyder, mask
i'd like to get 400 out of all this but am willing to sell seperatly.
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AftermatH said:
how much for the 2 cases and and pods? i have 4 pods already but my harness can hold 6...i lost 2 at a freakin scenario game....
anywho...what kinda spyder? i just got a spyder fenix and it is wonderful
for the 2000 paintballs and the 4 pods i'll take 70. Where in Indiana do you live cause if you buy the stuff maybe we could meet half way instead of shipping it. And i'm talking about a piont zero gun.
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