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Painted bowtie

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How did everyone paint their bowtie on their grills? Did you just order a painted one or did you do it yourself? If it was done yourself, what steps were taken to make it look good? Also, on my truck would it look better as the same color as my paint or the billet look?
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RHPF said:
I saw them online for 40 bucks, I dont know how good/bad of a deal that is. But that way I would have my stock emblem if I ever needed to go back. Does that seem like a decent deal?
The painted one for 40 bucks? That seems about right...but then again, I think that is a rip off. I saw some billet bow ties on ebay going for only $20. If you are worried about messing up your stock emblem...just buy another stock one off of ebay or something (I've seem GMC ones go for around $5). That way you can still paint it yourself (or at least take it somewhere local to have it painted). After my horrible experience with an online retailer sending me painted parts, I will have nothing more to deal with things I have to pay for before I see how well they are painted. Just my $0.02 though...
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