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Well, I just got my double din screen put in and now i want to upgrade to the 03 and newer console. With that being said i need to sell my current console and other interior pieces. here is the list of everything that will be included:

Piece that goes below the steering wheel
Piece that goes around the glove box(not the actual glove box)
cig lighter covers
ashtray and it's cover
tahoe console with place molded for a DIC
dash bezel

I took two of the cig lighters out and put a piece of metal there and mounted my switches to it so they would be hidden under the little door when i wasn't using them. so i will include that little piece too. the only thing that you would have to do is have the console lid and piece that i had fiberglassed painted(i could have that done for you if you pleased).

I am looking to get around $600 for all of this. If that price is too high let me know. I need all this stuff gone otherwise it will just sit in my garage and get all scratched and not be worth a shit.





Here is the link to my photobucket and you can check out the other pictures. thanks

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I don't suppose you'd wanna sell all the other painted pieces also? I'd take the whole me some time...I've got an 01 and can give you all the replacement pieces until you get the 03 stuff...
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