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Painted my Calipers

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Sup everyone, painted my calipers silver using VHT Brake VCaliper paint. Can be found at your local Monument, kragen etc. I used 3 cans and put about 4-5 coats on the torx is a b!tch cause itgot stripped, but not all the way anyways here are the pics
sorry just snapped some quick shots!
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what kind of prep did you do?
cleaned with parts cleaner, wire brushed em, cleaned em, and sanded em and cleaned em again!
Calipers look great man, your truck is sick... Keep up the good work!
They look really good!
Nice.. i painted my calipers the same exact color a week ago......
Thats tight Chris, bet it looks good with the 22's! Yea mine have been done for 2 weeks or so
thats looks pretty sweet man
Thanx Guys!
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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