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Does anyone have part numbers for the SS painted tailgate handles?

The SS comes in the following colors
Arrival Blue Metallic
Victory Red Metallic

I'm interested in the Arrival Blue one for my '04 Sierra.

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I think i have a black p/n somewhere...I'd have to find it. It comes in two parts (the bezel and the handle), but just to warn you ahead of time these won't be smooth like the door handles. They are basically the rough textured handle you have now, but they are just painted.

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I found this posted on the LS1tech . com board by 03GMC2500HD on 4/29/04. As noted, the Chevy Silverado SS pieces are painted over the textured surface. The Denali colors are smooth. I ordered my Arrival Blue pieces today. The 91U is still available.

Here are some tailgate handle #'s!

Silverado/Sierra/C3/SS Tailgate handles/bezels (All painted handles):

Victory Red Tailgate Handle 74U (WA9260) (no chrome):
15187999 tailgate bezel
15188002 tailgate handle

Pewter Tailgate Handle 11U (WA382E) (no chrome):
15755401 Handle
15752896 Bezel

Black Tailgate Handle 41U (WA8555) (no chrome):
15188001 Handle
15187998 Bezel

Arrival Blue Tailgate Handle 91U (WA815K) (no chrome):
15188003 Handle
15188000 Bezel

Silver Tailgate Handle (no chrome):
15196652 Handle
15195043 Bezel

Green Tailgate Handle (no chrome):
15755402 Handle
15752897 Bezel
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