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painting frame

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I've been searching threads on painting the frame and I found some good stuff but I couldnt find out something about using primer.

My question is can you get primer in a rattle can like paint?

If any of you guys have already done this, if you don't mind post the steps you used to prep it for paint and whats the best paint and primer to get.

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well i used degreaser and a single edged razor blade to get the undercoating off and i used a torch a little bit but be careful cause that stuff is pretty flamable. after getting a pretty decent amount off i just took a can of black rustoleum to it. im sure thats not the best way to do it tho.

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I just sprayed wd 40 on it..took all the dirt, frame sticker off, and then just sand it down, and spray painted it glossy black, and it came out really good. It was pretty easy, but it takes time, but its worth it.
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