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painting plastic

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hey guys thinking about painting the front air dam on my truck I have no fog lights just the hooks sticking out, WHat is the best way to prep and paint the front spoiler and do you need some type of flex paint...My truck is white and I have seen alot of you guys paint your front air dam and i think it looks real good.
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it looks good, but be prepared for it to chip regardless of how you prep. think of all the rocks that will hit it, bugs etc etc. ive seen everyone who's painted their's around here chip after bc of this. just something to consider.

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what i did for the lower part was just some plastic paint i found at autozone

or you can spray some filler primer / and regular paint

heres a good write up i got from a guy on cardomain

Here's how ya do it right. Remember, the prep is key. The painting is the fun part and the easy part, so don't cheat on the prep.

Step 1) Start with one small item, like door handles or vent trim. Take care in removal, because they can break.

Step 2) Wet sand with 220 grit wet-n-dry sand paper. I like to have a small bucket of warm water with a little liquid dish soap. That way your degreasing while you sand.

Step3) Rinse and dry the part really good. If you have a compresser, blow off the excess water.

Step 4) To get paint to properaly stick to plastic, you need a product called "Bull Dog" I got mine at Pep Boys. Alway make sure the can and the part are the same temp. one lite coat of Bull Dog, then a heavy coat. Wait 5 mins between coats.

Step 5) Use a "filler primer" not regular primer. Apply 2 coats let dry for 1 hour.

Step 6) Now wet sand again, but switch to 400 grit. You are trying to sand off all the primer. You will see all of the pits and dimpples still have primer in them. Thats what you want.

Step 7) Repeat the Bull Dog Step and the primer step again with the proper drying time between.

Step 8) Now wet sand again, but now switch to 1200 grit. Again, try to sand off most of the primer. Rinse the part well and dry it.

Step 9) Two more coats of Bull Dog. Now your ready to paint. Your first coat of paint will be applied with in 10 mins of your Bull Dog. So be prepaired.

Step 10) Your paint must be Automotive paint, not hardware store paint. I used Plasticolor I got from Pep Boys. Just look up your year on thier catalog and they will have the code # for your Truck. Make sure if it calls for a clear coat to use it or the color won't match right.

Step 11) If you have to, run the can under hot water for a min. to warm it up and use a blow dryer on the part if they are cold. First coat just mist it, second coat a little more, third coat go as heavy as you can with out runs. The heavy coat is what gives you the shine. Don't worry if you get a run, because you can wait an hour or two and color sand it with 1200 grit and recoat. In fact, I recomend it.

Step 12) Give a lite wet color sand with 1200 grit. Rinse, dry and give the part two coats of clear. Plasticolor makes a good one.

Step 14) I skipped the step between 12 and 14 because it's unlucky, hehe. Be patiant, dont put the part back on your truck for 24 hours. I couldn't wait on my first piece and F'd it up. I thought I would be careful, but it got finger prints in it and I had to redo it, grrrr.

Tips) While your working, leave paint cans and parts in the sun for equal temp. Don't wash wax parts for a week. Spray cans of paint don't have hardeners like the body shop, so it takes a while to cure. Use the same prosess if you have a professional spray rig and copresor.

Can't wait to see some pics. By the way, if you do it right, it will come out better than what the body shop can do. Most body shops don't give a shit any more. It's all about money to them.
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