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Painting started & some finished (pics)

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I decided with me getting laid off friday i'd have a fair amount of time (3 weeks) to get my interior changed over before school starts again. Friday night i decided to go ahead and do something constructive so i went ahead and did my power lock center & speaker cover on each side on my 96.


DURING: Before clearcoat, but after the 2nd coat and wetsanding.


Whatta Ya think?

NOTE: how do i get the faded maroon plastic (seen in the after picture) off from behind the door handle to paint those as well?

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2k1slvrdo said:
screw driver i believe... there are tabs all around the handle... i pulled it off on my dad's denali awhile ago, but i'm sure some one else will chime in
Thats just for the outer piece. The part behind the handle itself is part of the handle, and you have to pull the door panel to get to it and drill out the rivet holding it in as well as take out the 10mm screws.
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