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Pair if 15x7 stock SS454 chrome wheels

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I have a pair of 15x7 SS454 chrome wheels for sale. They are in very good/excellent condition. First $125 plus shipping gets them. I'll try to post a picture later when I get them loaded up.
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1buda said:
What's the backspacing? Is it 5 X 5 lug pattern?
I'm told the stock 15x7 SS chrome wheels are 4.25" backspacing and they are the 5 x 5 stock wheels and you can run 275/60/15 tires on them like the SS454 trucks do. I can measure the backspacing tonight to make sure.


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Well If no one else bites (and I am sure they will) I am interested the problem...I live in Vancouver Canada...
Shipping is about 50 dollars (via fed ex = 7 day overland rate) and then I got to try to figure out what customs would do about it....but if no one else more local shows any interest I will do the research and go from there...
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