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price is workable
final price will include fedex ground shipping
comes with everything, box, manuals, wires

would also consider trades -
an amp 1200 watts at 2ohm (ill add some cash)
psp with a game or 2
xbox (old style) with some games
ipod video 80 gig (ill add some cash)

maybe some other stuff too, offer it, ill entertain it...

* WMA Playback: Yes
* Satellite Radio Ready: Yes
* Preamp Voltage: 5 volts
* Subwoofer Preamp Outputs: Yes
* MP3 playback: Yes
* Maximum Power: 50 Watts
* HD Radio: No
* DIN: 1
* Changer Control: Yes
* CD Text: Yes
* Bluetooth: No
* Aux input: Yes
* Built-in EQ: Yes
* CD-R/CD-RW Compatible: Yes
* Remote Control: Yes
* Detachable Face: Yes


* Audio Features:
o Maximum Output Power: 50W x 4
o MOS-FET Output Stage
o SQ7 Sound Quality
o High & Low Pass Filters (crossover)
o SBC-SW (Super Bass Controlled Subwoofer).
o Muting
o Attenuator
o Bass, Treble, Balance Fader Controls
o Speaker Impedance: 4-8 ohms
o Front/Rear/Subwoofer Pre-Amp Outputs
o Preamp Output Level/Impedance: 5V/60 ohms
o Subwoofer Output Level/Impedance 5V/60 ohms
* Radio Features:
o XM Satellite Radio Ready.
o FM/AM Presets: 18FM / 6AM
o Auto Preset Memory with Scan
o FMO (FM Optimizer)
o AFE (Adaptive FM Front End)
o INQ (Impulse Noise Quieting)
* CD Features:
o MP3/WMA Playback.
o CD-R/CD-RW Playback.
o Multi-stage Noise Shaping 1-bit DAC.
o 3-Beam Hologram Pickup
o One-chip Digital Circuit.
o CD Controls: Scan, Search, Repeat and Random Play.
o Pause
o CD Text Display.
* CD Changer Control:
o Track/Disc Scan.
o Track/Disc Repeat.
o Search and Random Play.
* Display & Other Features:
o High Definition 3D Dot Matrix LCD Display.
o Large Rotary Knob
o Super Bright Display with Dimmer.
o Blue LCD Illumination Color.
o Light Blue Button Illumination Color.
o Spectrum Analyzer.
o Day & Night Design.
o AUX Input
o Fully Motorized Front Panel
o Open Face CD Access.
o Removable Faceplate .
o Flashing Warning Light.
o Wireless Remote Control
o Built-in Quartz Clock .
o Dimensions (H x W x D): 4.92" x 11.22" x 9.25"

Snooby Doo
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imma hold out for a minute, i just listed this on three sites. for that price i wouldnt ship it until tuesday (after i get my new deck) ill let you know by thursday....

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Alright, Im gonna see how much money Ill have let over after paying insurance and tags on both of my heaps (cars). I havent even worked one day this week, we have no work right now, sucks.

Edit, you got the remote for it too?

Snooby Doo
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sold, orangesuburban[at]gmail[dot]com

send me your address and ill get it ready for ya on monday when i pull it, and ill ship it when you pp the money.
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