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Panasonic head unit, MA Audio Sub

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Here i have a Panasonic CQ-C5110U head unit. I bought this at traders village and i wasnt aware it was a refurb til a year later when i actually looked at the box again. Ive had zero problems with it and this headunit is awesome. It can be very bright or you can decrease the brightness. The face folds down and thats where the cd goes. It comes with the Chevy install kit already attached and it came from a 00' silverado. the harness is already wired and will plug straight into your stock harness. comes with the owners manual also. the faceplate has slight scratches and swirls like any faceplate would. the pictures show them, but also show some dust. but overall the headunit is in great shape. 80 shipped.

Next is a 12" MA Audio 700 watt sub, works perfectly. had 2 of them in my truck and decided to go with 1 which i suited me perfectly. sold one of them to my friend and he has it powered with a 800 mono amp and is constantly mistaken for having 2 12's. only slight wear is one of the ma audio stamps has a rub mark, and the ring of foam around the top has maybe a couple millimeteres of foam missing. cant even tell though. 40 shipped.

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bumpp. make me an offer, nothing reasonable will be refused i need this stuff gone!
Once I get my first pay check I want that sub.
pm sent
hey did ya ever have trouble with the display shutting down? mine goes all dark except the source button, i think its a setting somewhere but cant find it. anyway bump for a great head unit
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