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parting out 98 s10

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worth a freakin shot. anyone need any s10 parts? stock s10. everything is there as of right now. the rings are fried. other than that is super! i will ship smaller stuff.... dont feel like shipping a door or bed or anything haha. let me know.
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Yeah, I'll take the turn signal 3157 sockets. lmk if you want to cut them off

I need the sockets that fit in that ^^^^
hmm that link doesnt work. i will sell them towards the end if no one wants any part of that. i doubt anyone will want the wiring.
someone else asked about the console... i am not sure exactly what you are talking about. the plastic that goes around the shifter or is there an actual center console? all the interior pieces are great condition so i am sure thats great too.
center console if it had bucket seats? Was it a auto or 5pd?
Sounds like his was a 5 spd with the plastic and 2 cup holders around the shifter
it is a 5 speed with a 60\40 bench.
also interested in trades...
i need front bumper, bumper cap, and possibly grill and hood if its black if not nbd my female smacked a fence post a lil wile back
Please tell me you have a gauge cluster w/Tach, paypal is ready if so.
Any idea if the ac compressor is the same as on a 2000 Blazer? If so, definitely interested in that.
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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