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Does me no good to sell this thing as a whole cause it's hacked to shit, so I figure I can sell off some of the connectors if anyone needs them. I have pretty much everything except the neutral safety switch and big round plug for the transmission. Let me know if you need anything.

When I get home tonight I'll post pics and get prices listed for everything.

Anyway, just to get things started, I'll throw up a few specifics. Prices include shipping already.

Truck injector plugs, all 8, missing one or two of the gray clips: $20 for the set
PCM plugs: One red, one blue...$25 each. Make a benchtop PCM harness for programming/flashing.
Trans VSS plug, will pull the wires and PCM pins so it should be plug-and-play (will double-check that these were not cut when I get home) - $15

Pretty much all other plugs I'll do for $15 shipped...let me know if you need something specifically.
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