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passing gear ???? Please Help

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First the fuel pump went out over the weekend . I had it towed home this morning and dropped the tank put in the new pump . When I started it up it idled rough a few min and smoked then went to normal. I took it down the road and when I hit the gas in any gear it just revs up and stalls but still runs . If I dont push the gas very hard at all it will go through all the gears . Any help is appreciated. oh yea its a 96 tahoe 2wd 5.7 auto trans
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i found a few forums that say it could be a clogged cat . does anyone know how I can check this first ???????? Its never done this before . but it has never smoked either before today even with seafoam no smoke .
was told to try this will do in the morning and will update

Does the transmission slip or engine RPM flare up.

Or does the engine just bog down.

Quick easy fast test.

To check for restricted cat check vacuum at idle and at 2K RPM.

If vacuum dropes when engine speed up you have a restricted exhaust system.

A exhaust shop or repair shop can also test back pressure for you.[/quote]
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