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Performance Accessories vs. Trailmaster

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These two are the only brandnames I have heard of that make the 3" body lift. I have a friend who can get me a great deal on a complete trailmaster kit. I have heard to go with Performance accessories kits, but i have a tight budget. I wanted to see if anyone has any info on the exact differences between the two. I definitely want quality, and something that will hold up.
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performance accessories is known for being a "complete" kit. Most of their kits have the radiator drop down brackets, fuel line extensions, steering extensions, bumper brackets, and they have decent instructions.

i don't know much about trailmaster body lifts, except that they make them. 4 years ago, i drove a 92 toyota pu with the 4" trailmaster suspension, and a trailmaster 3" body lift. The truck rode like crap and the radiator was not dropped down at all.

Ask your friend what exactly comes with the trailmaster body lift. Then compare it to the PA. Look at the installation instructions and compare them. If the trailmaster kit looks like a quality kit, and it matches the PA kit, i don't see why the trailmaster would be a bad choice, especially to save $$
i know plenty of jeep owners who "rock crawl" with only 3" body lifts and 33's. they do alright.
1 - 2 of 15 Posts
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