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Performance ? for 02denali

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Hey o2denali, Since I have started my mods about three months ago you have been one of very helpful people with pointers and such...sooo, first off...thanks. I am writing in interest of your setup you got going. What kinda of RPM's are you turning on that 5.3 and cam? I mean when you throw that n20 on and hit 12.8 in the 1/4, where is your shift points and HP/Trq bands at? I mean we all know with a 350 we could throw a 400 stroker in there and push some 7500-8000 rpm's...but what are you getting out of that 5.3? Just curious. I have the Radix with just about the same motor mods as you and was curious how far you are pushing that 5.3. Thanks for your time man! :shake: Keep moddin'! Great job on the enrichment fuel also, looks great. :crazy: :bowtie:
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1)Cam-Comp218/224 .563/.568 115
2)Stage 3 LS1 heads...yeh...Hit Man would give me shit for the 2.02 intake valves. :crazy:
3)Radix definitely runs out at 6grand. I have the 3.0 pulley on..pushing 9.5 boost.
4)Allen has done two tunes for me. The second a little more agressive on the timing curve.
5)My shift table is 6000(1st gear), then 5900, and then 5500. I haven't run any software to see what's going on yet, but it feels that just before the first to second shift it has ran out of it should shift at 5800 or 5900. I am only talking a split second difference...BUT that's what it is all about right...split second. (11.8 versus' a 12.8 LOL) So you are pulling like 500 more RPM's out than me.
6)N20 cooling the air...yeh I'd say, like 75 degrees or so...that's what makes n20 so damn impressive (dangerous, but impressive) makes the air super dense and yet is highly explosive :rocking:

on that enrichment system...I was reading an article about the craziness that it takes (even professionally) to tweak it just right.
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Well...I am no where near motor inclined as I would like to be, (who is right?)I was sold on the stage 3 heads because of a real good deal. I knocked the bore out at 20 thousandths...nothing of anywhere close to helping those huge valves...but it'll be alright. Slapped in some JE Pistons with valve cuts. Kept the same 9.5 compression so I could do the rest of the "damage" with the boost. :D My jets are the ones that came with the radix. I fucking split my drive shaft in half and it's been fucking downhill since then. HUGE I haven't had anytime running Allen's new tune and auto tapping the timing to see where I need Allen to be at yet....I don't even have any idea of a 1/4 mile time! It's killing me!
Well thnx 02denali for the feed back on rpm's. I don't want to bore you and keep you tied up in a thread, I was just curious if you suffered any valve float. Let us know when you get that fuel cell dialed in...that higher octane will save that motor from any premature death in the long future of N20... :imo ofcourse.
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Yeh I forgot your sig says no cats! Race Fuel!!! :rocking: cool on the octane boost for NX. I went with the hi flow cats.

Yeh I bet your skin is just absolutely crawling waiting for those heads. :drool: I did all my mods at once, I had to wait (and work) for about a month and half before I ever fired her up for the first time with all the mods. I was beside myself the whole time...couldn't even sleep. LOL

How long have you been doing this to this particular truck? Any stuff ever break on you? I guess having n20 you don't really put that much stress on all your parts like I "extra" power is at my foot versus' you being choosey (if I may use that word) when you juice it. So you aren't necessarily wearing your trans out quicker than guys (or gals) with blowers.
WHOA!!!yeh I haven't had mine on the road long enough to blow too much of those items yet....the diff and trans are obviosly on the list though. I built the 4l60e to handle it all...but you'll go eventually. Expensive toy beside just insurance huh? 3 mass airs? what's up with that? Your trans was stock when it croaked? Then you built it for heavy duty? or did ya lose a built tranny? Yeh, launching stock at 2500 isn't that great....add nitrous and break out the wallet.
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