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Performance ? for 02denali

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Hey o2denali, Since I have started my mods about three months ago you have been one of very helpful people with pointers and such...sooo, first off...thanks. I am writing in interest of your setup you got going. What kinda of RPM's are you turning on that 5.3 and cam? I mean when you throw that n20 on and hit 12.8 in the 1/4, where is your shift points and HP/Trq bands at? I mean we all know with a 350 we could throw a 400 stroker in there and push some 7500-8000 rpm's...but what are you getting out of that 5.3? Just curious. I have the Radix with just about the same motor mods as you and was curious how far you are pushing that 5.3. Thanks for your time man! :shake: Keep moddin'! Great job on the enrichment fuel also, looks great. :crazy: :bowtie:
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ok first off --thanks--. it is a lot of work that i have completed.
1.216-220-525-532-114 with manley rods-918's-slp 1.85's
2.i am shifting at 6400 1-2 and 6300 2-3 and 5800 3-4. these are at wot.
3.i removed the enrichment system. just couldnt get it to work. found out my solenoid is leaking to. she'll be back up before thursday and running high 12's again.
4.radix--great mod. i have heard and seen that the radix will run out a steam above 6000rpm's. unless you get a pulley i think. what cam are you running. i have heard that my cam is ok but that a lingerfelter gt2 cam is great also. stay with a high lsa for boost not to bleed off. nos system pulls power everywhere. it is great. i think parish is running a 75 shot. it cools the air as well.
6. who tuned it.
7.i need to go and see allen when i get my heads on and put her on the dyno. then we will see what she is capab le of.

the best of luck. i try to help as much as i can.
yay the 2.02's are huge in our bores. i think most will say averkill. stg 3--damn. yay allen can set it to 5950 for ya. that should be a good cam there to. i like the 115 long as you run te reccomended jets and keep and eye on it it will be ok. and let me tell you i could get that system to do me right to save my life.
actually i got rid of the fuel cell set up. i went back to the tank pump with some different seals in the solenoid. it seems to be working fine. no problem tiing up a thread. it is all info for others to read as well. any questions asked can be answered. all who read will learn or give ideas. i have been running the nx octane boost to. it makes a difference. i am going to try race fuel next time since i dont have cat's/ we will hoping it all works out. my stg 2 heads are suppose to be on the way soon. 2.00 and 1.57. man i am getting excited already.
well lets see here. i have floated the valves. i wasted the tranny-shattered the diff and axles-u joints-carrier bearing-one set of jba headers-3 mass airs-a belt-two shocks-one radiater-and i think there are a few others to as well. blown. i think i am around the same. and hitting a 150 shot and launching around 2500 rpm is a little hard on her to.
i am on my second built tranny. they were built by century automotive. the diff is ok now after the latest blow out.i figure i am pushing at least 325 to the rear wheels. so with the nos and the flywheel being more i am pushing a lot through the tranny. so i figure it will break sooner or later. i think all 60e's in an ext cab will only handle about 500 max with the weight.
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