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Looking at getting a cat-back exaust system for my truck. Looking for a good performance muffler. Our local performace exaust shop builds their own mufflers, and they build them like flowmasters, but without all the restrictions.....sounded pretty good on the owners truck......He also sells Flowmaster, Powerflow ( whitch I have also heard and like), Magnaflow, and Dynomax....Any suggestions or advice?
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Badassilverado said:
Wow, are you sure that was just a bad weld Josh? I've had this horrible sound coming from my truck for weeks and finally figured out it was my Dynomax (Super turbo-catback.) Took it to an exhaust shop b/c I thought it was just a bad weld/loose tip but they told me the crack extended all the way thru one of the exhaust chambers. Don't think I'll be running a Dynomax again. It did sound damn good, just didn't last very long.

Looking for a place to install a Magnaflow this week :head:
Super-turbo was the lower end dynomax, the ultraflo was ssupposed to be a better one. They offer a lifetime warranty on it so I was able to get another at no cost. The ultraflo is like the magnaflo, straight through design. So there are no chambers to crack. It is interesting to see that someone else has had an issue with them too. I've been meaning to write them a snail mail letter expressing my discontent.
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