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intresting I asked for a price for my dash

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Its not paint it's photogensis which is a sorta coloring for plastics and other material.. It's sweet ass though..

I'm gonna get my steering wheel done through them.

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heres an email from them that i got today...

Dear Ian,

I do stock factory parts for your vehicle, so you would not need to send in your parts to be processed for the parts that I stock. I have attached a list of pricing for parts that are commonly decorated on your vehicle. I have put the core charge for me decorating my own parts next to the decorating charge for the ones we stock cores for. We do a lot of Chevys, and I should note that I do have the steering wheel cores on hand, so I can do my own (processing charge is $495, plus 90% refundable $150 core charge). The rest of the interior panels you would probably want to decorate, such as the dash bezel, window switch controls, door pulls, and air vents, are easily popped out. Our process takes two to three weeks on average. This process can be done to any hard-surfaced part, such as plastic or metal, as long as it can be dunked in water.

We offer a lifetime warranty against defects in manufacture, and guarantee you will love your parts!

Thanks for your interest, and I look forward to hearing from you soon!

Sincerely yours,


Phoenix Imaging

Retail Chevy/GM Photogenesis Pricing
(Please note that you choose the pieces you want to decorate in the vehicle, some or all, and there may be pieces that you would like to see decorated that are not listed here. Ask for pricing.)

95 to current Silverado/Sierra/Crew Cab/Suburban/Tahoe/Yukon/Avalanche/Denali
Dash bezel $200 core charge $90

Steering wheel $300 core charge $150

Front door window switch control pair (through 02) $72 core charge $40

Rear door window switch control pair (through 02) $72 core charge $40

Front door pull (recessed area behind door handle) pair $72 core charge $35

Rear door pull (recessed area behind door handle) pair $72 core charge $35

Passenger side front air vents pair $58 core charge $20

Center console (cupholder) $104

Long overhead console $152

Short overhead console $58

Rear ashtray pair (95-99) $40

Dash cupholder $29

AC Adaptor $29

Center console (2 piece) $104
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