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Picking up my 04' half-ton crew

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Well if everything goes as planed, i will be trading in my 99' for a 04' victory red half ton crew cab z-71. The wheels and tires have to go , don't have any more to put on it, but it's ok. The 03' tails , my brush gaurd, clear corners, and my cd player will be sold , got the XM Radio option :head: . No big plans yet, just tint , and i ranch hand sport grill gaurd, about how much will one of them run me. Trust me i will post pic ASAP.
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hovisimo said:
hope all goes as planned! might want to change your name to redz. talk to this dude about getting a ranch hand.
lmfao! thats me. :LOL: congrats on the 1500 crew! they kick ass! i actually thought about getting another red one, but had to do something different this time around. that sport will look nice. i actually thought about doing it with some lights as well. :bowtie:
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