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Pics after I detailed my M3.......

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Ok, so I know its not exactly gm related, but figured I'd share anyway :) I did a quick detail on my M3 friday before I had another car show up to get his done before a show on Saturday. What I did was (in this order) vanilla moose wax hand glaze, red moose machine glaze and nattys blue. I have to do the truck soon, so i'll get those pics up once its done, but for now.....

I love the reflections in this shot. makes it look wet :)

And a few after the 125 mile drive to the show....

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very nice....ive never seen that color before
where was the show at
thanks... it was in media pa. organized by the east coast z association. On a similar note, I just looked up the shows for this season. soo many good ones to attend, i'm having trouble deciding which ones to hit :)
Did you ever get your truck done? I remember you posting about having someone do it recently right?
well i was plannin on it.....but i got spending happy and started buying little things for the truck sooo hah its gonna have to wait til i make some more spending money and im glad i didnt yet cuz i backed into a branch the other day and it put a nice scratch into my gate...its not really a scratch because i cant fee it so it can hopefully be buffed out or whatever they do
ah, that sux... well, not sure where you're at, but if youre jersey shore or union county area, let me know if you want me to do the detail when you're ready :cheers:
im in wall township, which is in monmouth co. ill let ya know, thanks! pm me some prices and whatnot
Looks awsome chris:worship:
Great looking paint, looks like pure electricity!
how long did it take you to do that?
oh and looks great!! how long did you wait between each coat?
THanks guys :)

It took me about 2 hours to do what I listed. My car is already in good condition, so maintenance is pretty easy.
Using what I listed on this car, there is no wait time in between applications. Can go right to the next step once youre done w/ the previous :cheers:
Nice looking car. Im going to have buy some polish and wax for my truck
Nice looking car. Im going to have buy some polish and wax for my truck
Thanks :cheers: .... Whenever youre ready, just let me know and we'll get you setup w/ everything you need :)
1 - 15 of 15 Posts
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