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pics of my billet grill!!!!

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here are some pics of my billet grille...i might need some help postin them computer's bein gay......

Thats it for now,I've only got like 2 or 3 more things to do the exterior then i'm gonna start on the interior.The things i got planned are shaving tailgate, roll pan, and candy tails. Then I'm gonna repaint the whole interior, and stuff.
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pewter00 said:
brett your still terrible at taking pics... when i help you debadge i'll take pics for you.. lol
:lol: yeah .. and don't make them BMPs, it'll make the files size huge used a compressed format like a jpg or gif ... when you go to save them, see if there is a "save as" format, and then change from bmp to jpg :rocking:

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looks damn good :head:
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