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pics of wifes car

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well i fineally got pics of my wife car we bought like 3 days befor i left for Iraq in jan so its still basically stock all we have done was tint the windows, but today i bought her amp and orderd the subs. we are also going to do a in-dash Clarion monitor and some chrome 18s. Going for clean simple look

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2 10 inch PG titanium subs and a Interfire 2200 amp. I might switch the amp out with the MTX 81000D in my tahoe she like that amp better and i was planning on replacing it any way. I know the Interfire is not like a great amp to brag about but its 2000 watts and my friend who owns a shop had it in a demo vehicle for 3 shows and gave it to me for 200 when it normally goes for 550 so i could pass it you know
1 - 2 of 4 Posts
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