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Please help to identify

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I took my dash apart to see if I could notice if anything was wrong with my headlight switch. I was wondering if somebody could please explain to me what the green wire/plug is for in the center section. It was wraped in some protective cushion. Im thinking that it is for the stock fog lights. Could somebody with an OBS please look for me on their truck.

Also can somebody explain what this little lever is for on the back of the passenger side front seat.

And lastly could somebody who knows wiring explain what the purple wire controls and why the previous owner might have connected another wire to it.

Thanks for all your help.

- Mitch
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What switches do you have on the bezel. I have a 4wd switch which i think is what your bottom smallest plug is. I then have the air bag switch. Mine wire is yellow wrapped similar to your white wrapper wires. Then i have the cargo lamp switch which somewhat looks like your green wrapped wires.

I think that thing on the back of the seat is for a seatbelt to go through or something. I don't think it moves does it. Maybe it is for a car seat for a child or something.

I bet that purple wire goes to your cd player. It could also be some sort of dim feature connected to your headlights maybe. So when the headlights come on the unit dims down since it must be dark outside.
I would think if the truck has an alarm, that purple wire is spliced in as the way to turn on the parking lights. Either that or its supplying a power feed to some extra lights that were added at some point.

That thing on the back of the seat, well you have a 2 door right? I would think thats there so a rear seat passenger can fold the front seat to get out since he doesnt have a door to open.

The green wire, well if you have a tailgate in the back then you have a wiper and a washer but truck with barn doors dont. The wiring for said wiper is installed in all SUV's but if you have barn doors the switch panel is blocked off and the wire is left hanging underneath. I have barn doors and an abandoned green wire as well
My center section has the rear wiper for my lift gate, a cargo release switch and my 4wd switch.
^-- :word: to Mattchu
that lever on the back of the seat doesnt move the seat foward, I've tried it. either mines broken or it doesnt do anything
That is on the HVAC control panel. I went out and bought a HYANES and it did not help at all.
Phil Im thinking that mine doesn't do anything either. Kind of wierd. Hey could you see if you have that green wire connection in your center section please
that thing on the seat would prolly be a lever to release (fold) the seat back from in the back seat if you dont have rear doors try with the seat locked upright to push it down or pull it up. you truck has or had an alarm and the purple wire is a (-) door trigger for the alarm which the green wire is a negative trigger input on most DEI alarms so i'm guessing its like a viper or hornet or something.
I dont think that black lever is anything to do with the seat release. From the back seat you can easily reach the side lever
i think the black lever is used to push the seat foward with your foot.
The black lever is to push the seatbelt latch down that you see on the left, when you push the seat forward for people to enter the backseat, so it doesn't go behind the seat when you put the seat back in the upright least thats what I gathered when I had a 2 door :D:D
The black handle is there so people in the back seat can pull the seat back into place once they crawl into the backseat.
I guess I could see what chris is saying but why not just grab the seat itself? And the arm rest hits the seatbelt latch before it hits the black lever
think that two of those wires could be to the cargo-lamp and/or airbag lock. check out the pic!
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I got a new rear windshield wiper switch and it came with a fog switch and cargo switch. The cable fits the fog light switch so I think that it is for the fogs. Now I just have to figure out how to wire mine into that switch
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