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Hey guys, I need help ASAP. When cleaning my truck yesterday, I degreased underhood and the full undercarriage. I hadn't driven it in almost a week, so I went to start it and it stalled. It runs for a few seconds, 1-2, then stalls. Here's whats weird, sometimes the key sticks and doesnt fall all the way back to the 'on' position. Well, when I restarted it, it indeed stuck between cranking and 'on' and would run just fine. None of the accessories worked obviously, but it would run and even rev. As soon as I kicked the key back to the 'on' position so it would be driveable (truck will stall if you try to put it in gear when its in this in-between position) and boom, stalled again.

Checked fuel pressure, its consistent at 45psi pre/during/post starting and after stalling.

I need the truck up ASAP as I use it for towing around my kids during the weekends. Could it be a fuse? TPS? MAF? Someone said the key cylinder might be bad but wouldnt that make my radio and climate control fail also? Because that all stays on.

Thanks for all help/suggestions
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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