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Plowing with a lift?

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Hey there,
I'm just wondering I have a 2" level kit on my 2010 1500 Silverado now, and I currently plow with it, Plows great and I love the truck. But I want to go a little higher. Does anyone in here have experience plowing with a lifted truck, I was thinking of the r/c 3.5" lift, but was told to stay away it's just a stretched out level kit. Rough country makes a 5" lift kit that looks good. And zone makes a 4.5" lift kit too..

I'm just wondering if these are to tall for plowing?
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We install Western and Meyer plows at work. Most of the time NBS and NNBS 1500 need a leveling kit to make the plow work properly. The key to "if" it works is the angle of the a-frame of the plow. The a-frame should be either level or or a slight rake down to the plow, truck side aframe higher than the plow side. You shouldn't have a problem with a 3.5" kit, you "probably" wouldn't have a problem with a 5" kit considering a 5" kit on a 1500 is "similar" to a 2500hd with a leveling kit.
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