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Hello all,

My truck was stolen and wrecked about three years ago. The passenger side was banged up. I have reasons to believe my frame is bent because: 1. On the passenger side, upper control arm rear frame bolt/nut/cam, I can't get my torque wrench and deep socket 21mm. On the drivers side I can get it on there fine, 2. The passenger side tire rubs the rear of the front fender when turning right, 3. The distance between rear lower control arm pocket and tranny x-member is 28 on passenger side and 28 3/8 on drivers side, which means passenger side is pushed back a little. Would someone mind taking a measurement of this distance for me? Do you guys think 3/8" is safe enough for a body/frame shop to bend it back? Can anyone else easily get a deep 21mm and torque wrench on that same UCA nut without problems? Thanks guys.
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