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Power Steering Hose

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Ive got to replace a leaking power steering hose on my truck. It is a 95 1500 4x4 with 5.7. The high pressure hose is the one leaking.

Is there any special tools or recommendations for doing this job? (it looks kinda tough to get to the fitting behind the PS pump)

How much fluid will I need to buy to replace what spills?

Is there any special brand of hose I should look for? My local parts stores have some in stock and I dont know if I should order one instead...

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I did the blazer, it was a royal fucking pain in the ass to get behind the pump. Prepare to get dirty, and bloody.

You have to go slow, use an open end wrench and turn that fucker 1/10 of a thread at a time :pissed:
Great. Im guessing I will need to drop the skid plate and snake my arm up from underneath...
if you do i'd drain it first cause theres more in there than you would expect....
Im gonna use a turkey baster and try to get as much fluid out of the reservoir as I can first. :shake:
Just remember that you'll likely need to bleed the air out after you're done. This is done with the front end in the air and slowly turning lock to lock for a couple dozen cycles. I'd buy 2 quarts of fluid.
Cool. Thanks for the info. :shake:
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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