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pricing on installin drop?

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hey guys im buying a djm 4/6 drop kit. There is only one problem, i dont know how to install it. Does anyone know pricing on how much it is to install a 4/6 drop or any good shops in Southern California ? Thanks !!!
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There plenty of SoCal guys that could help, but even so man just search around if you got a jack, jackstands and some basic tools it isnt all that hard.
dont go to street shock. i'll make some calls and see if i can find someone that will install you drop
I was qouted between $650 and $850. After hearing those prices, I asked around and searched the forums to learn how to do it myself.
thanks will yeahh that would be a big help. ill get your number fromm andrew or something
Over here in SC the only shop I know of that could really do it wanted $100 per inch. So 5 inches up front and 8 inches out back would have run me $1300 installed with me bringing parts.

Glad to say I read and learned and did it myself. Saved loads of money.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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