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I got my tails done today by my dad at his body shop and took some pictures for everyone to see:



Wax and Grease Remover

Bulldog Plastic Adhesion

1st Coat

2nd Coat

3rd Coat

2 Coats of straight clear to make sure that color isnt varied after wet sanding.

Post or PM me if your interested in having yours done, i'm going to be gone for the weekend and will get pics when i get back and wet sand and buff them.

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Damn man that shit looks nice. I wish my dad was a painter and I had easy access to a paint shop:crazy:

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Looks good, but +1 on stopping on the 2nd coat unless the photos really are darker than in person.

How much?

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Whats your price?

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I'm located out in andover if you know where that is. If not its just a little north of minneapolis. Would you be interested in getting it done?
Yes I live in Albertville, not too far away at all.

My tails are tinted with VHT right now but I am going to trade them off for some 06 stock tails. Gould chev in monticello wants $50 to do them so could you match that or come close? PM me if ya want :D
1 - 20 of 37 Posts
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