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Progress Pics of the Fiberglass enclosure behind the seats

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here's a pair of really bad quality pics of the Fiberglass box I am building for my NBS Reg cab Sierra.

I just needs a little more body filler on the sides and center section and then sanded again before I can cover it with something and put it in the truck.

Each Sub has their own compartment, and the center of the box has a recessed bridge for the back Center console.

these are the subs going in... Boston Pro 12's
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· samcarol
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looking good... i think you should get it painted though... If u cover it in vynl, u'll have to do just as much work getting it smooth, and i think carpet would look tacky.

· Burning Rubber
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ya...... the center section of the box could take me decasdes to sand smooth.... vinyl wont look AS good, but It's gunna save me alot of time and a sh*t load of money.
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