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Prom 2004 pics(some beach pics too!!)

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Just loaded up some of the pictures from our prom that was last weekend, definately had alot of fun, both at the prom and the beach(even tho the weather was bad on saturday, we made the best of what we had in the beach house :drunk: )
me and my g/f infront of some waterfall by the Galleria(where our prom was at)

The whole gang

Yes i'm a pimp, go on, brush that dirt off my shoulder
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Pictures from the beach(sorry if they are big)
The guys and our "Team Photo"

The Gals


This was fun
they told me the one iw as doing before that was way better, because both were spinning and i had more sand to throw, i had already dug it out pretty good when they finally got the camera out

P.S. incase ya'll were wondering we did not rent no dad gum limo, we all rolled our trucks 4 FSC's 1 s-10, and 1 dodge
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cool pics, I'll post mine this weekend :whip:
Stunning...4 stars... :crazy:
Dude I took prom pics at that same waterfall :crazy:
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