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putting on ZONE lift in the morning...

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The delivery guy called and said the lift was waiting for me. I wanna thank Jon from STP for getting the lift in the mail ASAP!! Its a 6 inch Zone offroad for my 2008 2500HD 2 wheeler... Yes i know why lift it a 2 wheel drive?... Anyways, I will be doing the lift myself along with my brother. Can anyone give any tips? This will be my first suspension lift, done a couple body lifts in the past. Ill post pics when i get a chance.

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1. Don't let the truck fall on u
2. Get an alignment
3. Post pics
Thanks for the business! :shake:

Being a 2wd 2500HD, it will be pretty easy and straight forward. Make sure you have good jack stands if your doing it in your driveway. Use a torque wrench for proper tightening, and get a alignment afterwards.

You have my number, so call me if you have any questions...

Looking forward to seeing the pics!
Loctite the brakes and the hubs
Loctite the brakes and the hubs
X2 i would loctite EVERY BOLT
Patience and don't rush...and something designated as your throwing tool in times of need
Read the instructions several times if you haven't already. I know my lift sat in the garage for about a month before I installed it. Take the time to know what is coming in the next step and there won't be any suprises.

Take your time and good luck.
Thanks guys, Ill let you know how it all turns out.
I didn't use a breaker bar on my Sierra, but I did on my Titan, it is cheating, but it helped with speed and

Good Luck, Bro..... We need pics..
needed to ball joints and spent 3 hours trying to get the lowers out... still not luck... so i guess ill finish tomorrow. For now a knob creek and DR Pepper will do.
Because im bored and and drunk and the wife is out of town for the week.... Here are just a couple photos

This is how the truck was when i bought it...

Ive got a set of 35s waiting to be put on when its all said and done.
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still waiting for it to get the new tires. The shop i took it to today cant do 20s.
still waiting for it to get the new tires. The shop i took it to today cant do 20s.
Haha wow what shop can't do atleast a 20"'wheel now
still waiting for it to get the new tires. The shop i took it to today cant do 20s.
Don't curse or throw tools and keep yourself hydrated with lots of cold beer, and watch for pinched fingers.
Here is your pics... sorry it took so long.


What do you think?
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:hail: looks good man! thought about clearing the headlights?
What's wrong with the bumper
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