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? Quarts in a 4l80e

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Okay guys I got a mag-hytech transmission pan and it says I can add an extra five quarts. How much does the regular pan usually hold so I know how many quarts total to buy?

Also is this royal purple atf good stuff?
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Figure around 3-6 quarts on a pan + filter drop, this depends on the stock pan's depth (4x4 or 2x4) and how long you let the trans drain.

So, get three gallons and fill it up.

Also, stick with cheapo ATF (DexIII)
Didn't say a dry fill, so I just assumed it was a pan drop.
Its just a pan drop so I can replace the pan and throw a lot more extra capacity in

4x4 pan if that makes a difference, dont think it does though
4x4 is +1 quart.
ALLDATA lists 4L80E in my 2002 2WD at like 14.8qts, plus 3 from the Hughes performance pan sitting on my living room floor. I need a 5 gallon pail before I do a flush and fill. Not sure and drain and fill. SRY
+1 over what a 2wd?

Um... yeah. :rofl2:
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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