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question about bagging

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I drive a 90 silverado. I am going to get the kp bolt on 4 link soon. I would like to mount the bags in front of the axle a little, mounted vertical. What bag mounts would I need to do this? I want it to be similar to the air bar, but with bags mounted in front of axle for better ride and lift. Would I weld on bag mounts to the axle, and weld the others to my notch? I want to get as low as possible without cutting through the bed. I know I cant lay out, but ideas are needed here.
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I would think it would be the same as going behind the axle .. just in front. I would also think you could use the same brackets just flop them ... isn't Jimmy from FSC doing it that way? Maybe he can tell you who his brackets came from. If nothing else get with I know he can help you if not make the brackets at no extra cost.
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