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Question about DJM UCA's

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I have been really wanting to get the DJM UCA's for awhile now to fix my alighnment problems. Here is where I get a little confluckted. I know that the DJM 5/7 uses uppers and lowers to get the 5 inch up front. Are thoses arms different then the uppers and lowers that I can get with my 4/6? Or will I get 5 inchs up front when I add my new uppers? Thanks
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Not sure. I would think the combination of the arms will give you 5". I would guess the uppers are only for alignment purposes.

I will look around and see what I can find.
Upper arms are the same for 4/6 and 5/7 drops. They are for alignment purposes only.....
dammit, I wanted to go an inch lower in front. Oh well, at leats I'll solve one of the problems with my truck. Thanks guys :bowtie:
I have the UCA's, nice difference! Could you replace the spring with a 1" drop spring? I have been wondering.
are the UCA's neccessary for a 4" dront drop using DJM lower control arms?
They are not neccessary, but most truck will not beable to get the alighnment perfect. Mine is up to spec except for my camber being 1 degree negative on either side. I will be getting the UCA's soon so I wont have to worry about tire wear problems.
To lower it another inch in the front you have to buy a whole new Lower control arm and also have the upper control arm.
or you could just buy a 1 inch drop coil couldn't you?
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