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Question on tire width

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Wanting to take off my KM2 and get a tire with wider tread and more aggressive sidewall for a wider look. The KM2 just look real skinny to me. Tire size now is 305/55/20 on 20x10 which by BFG site when I originally ordered them said 12.4" wide on a 9.5" rim. Looking at either MTZ like I had on stock rims or Nitto Trail grapplers possibly. They both say on the main sights 12.5" and 12.6" wide on 9.5" rim. Will these tires still look skinny like my KM2 being on 20's vs when I had a set on 17's? If so I guess I'll just have to go with some x12 rims or down size to 18's possibly I'm assuming?
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Get 295 55 trail graps. They'll look way better than those km2s. But the issue is you may rub

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