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I have a 08 GMC Sierra with the 4.8. Its a 2wd rcsb. What transmission do I have? I forgot, from what I can remember it is a 4l65e correct?
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if I'm not mistaken its 4l60e actually
Ive been calling around and people have been telling me that I have a 4l70 in my truck.. If I were to put in a used 4l60e then would I run into any computer issues?
Weird. :think:
Check your RPO codes in your glovebox to make sure.

4L60-E (RPO M30, M32, M33) / 4L70-E (RPO M70)
My trucks sitting up in CT about an hour and a half from me... Im going to check my fathers truck because its the same thing but with a v6....
you don't have a 4l70 that only comes with 6.0's. And a 4L65 doesn't even come on the NNBS, it is a 4L60E.

The people you're talking to are idiots.
I just placed a 4l60E that I purchased off of a member on here.... Installed and everything just to find out that its not going into any gear... Truck truck is loping funny and when moving the shifter it only shifts into
PRND32 and doesnt click down into 1... Trucks just sitting and I waisted a lot of money... Im pissed!!!! Someone please give me some info..
Ive called all around, I was told I have a 4l70E tranny in my truck.. Guess thats what ima be buying plus a new torque coverter...
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