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Well I am planning on bagging my 97 3500 4x4 dually and was wondering what I am going to need for the front suspension. I was planning on going with 3 bags in the back since I am planning on doing some towing, not a whole lot just want it to hold when I do.

Here is the list I have made up of the basic parts I believe I am going to need, nothing is set in stone yet so please comment if I am doing something wrong since this will be my first bagged vehical. I am planing on getting most on the stuff I need from FBI and a few thing here and there from Suicide Doors, The Custom Connection,and AVS.

6" Frame Notch (FBI)
100' of Air Line, not sure what size I will need. (Custom)
10 Electric Valves, unknown size (FBI)
2 ViAir 480C compressors (Custom)
1 or 2 12 Gallon Tanks (FBI)
2 Front Control Arms (Unsure)
3 Rear Bags, unsure of which ones
2 Front Bags, also unsure
And I was thinking of a 4-link but open to opinions since I have herd of some with pretty bad ride quality using a 4 link. :think:

I'm sure I am forgetting plenty.

Thanks A LOT,

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first and foremost if it is at all possible trade it for a 2wd but if you cant oh well its gonna be more work to lay out

Notch-i would order a 8 inch from Suicide doors
Airline-depends on how fast you want it i would go with 3/8 but thats me
Valve-again i would go with 3/8 DANZ,Asco,SMC, only need 8
Compressors-480s are good an engine driven is even better but more money
Tank-one 8 gallon is plenty of air
Control Arms-not sure about that one either...check out
for that one
Rear Bags- you dont need 3 bags...not even sure how to go about setting that up...if you are serious about towing alot of weight then look into semi bags or triple stacks or even sleeve bags but a re8 with more than likely serve you for your purpose
Front Bags-re7 or 8 if you can fit them
4 link...i would run a parallel...simple to setup...ride quality is completely affected by bag placement and shock placement
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