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questions on your escy handles

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i like the fact that you have the escy hamdles painted for the same price i have seen them unpainted but i have a carbon metallic trucka nd didnt see my color
let me know if you can get them in my color please
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We have a set in your color in stock for all painted. Unfortunetly these are genuine GM so they dont come in the escalade style. What we have done to make this work is take off the painted handle part and install the chrome part off another handle so its identical to a escalade handle but in your color. We also carry aftermarket billet handles that look like escalade handles but are made of billet.

email us at [email protected]

We will take care of you.


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thanks guys goood to hear your eager to please us regular peps i will defanately contact you first when the time is here but i just bought some 20s and tires and know i have a long road ahead to pay them off
thanks again later
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