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Hey all. One suspension section says lowered and air ride trucks and this one says lifted trucks and mine is neither so if this is the wrong section to post this I apologize.

Straight to the point...truck in question is a 97 Suburban 1500 4x4. Its getting a few upgrades soon but I have no intention of lifting it as its just a daily driver/winter vehicle. The shocks are shot so along with the brake upgrades and a few other things I'm doing soon it is getting new shocks. My question is this...through searches online I've narrowed my choices down to Blistein or KYB MonoMax. Most comparisons I've read say Blisteins are better. Cost isn't a concern, I just want the best handling and durability I can get.
It does occasionally tow a car trailer.

Summit Racing has three different Blistein part numbers listed for my truck with no 4600 that says front fitment, one 4600 that doesn't say if it is for front or rear, and one B6 HD that says rear fitment. Should I get the B6 HD for the rear and 4600 for the front or 4600 for front and rear? I'm assuming the 4600 that doesn't say in the listing if it is for front or rear is for the rear? Or should I get the KYB MonoMax? I'm leaning heavily toward Blistein but the KYB seems to be the other good option.

This is the list of monotube KYB and Blistein shocks for my truck on Summit:

Basically just looking for which part numbers I should order. Thanks in advance.


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Not sure if correct, but it shows 3 options for front pass side and only 2 for front driver... and the ones that match up to both sides are kyb's.. so if you dont want to call summit and check to be certain then just get a pair of kyb's for the front and the 4600's for the rear
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