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Quicky theft recovery fix-it

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3 12" W3v4s, Alpine MRP-F600 on highs, JL 750HD on the subs
Not my design at all, but its what the customer wants.
Old system was stolen and he wanted the amps right back where they were.
I put the 750 on the back of the box and the 600 on the front, 4ga to the 750, 8ga to the 600. Had to run new RCAs as the thieves ripped them apart.
This dam thing hit harder than anything Ive been in in a very long time! I'd say mid to high 140s, focker hurt my ears, knocked stuff out my cabinets, and almost took the clock off the wall!

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down firing for the win, what kind of truck is that
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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