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I'm selling all of this to try and get as much of the stuff possible before i get my truck totally repainted for my birthday in September.

Stock 99-02 (NBS) Pewter hood. Only a few tiny tiny chips and hardly any scratches. You have to be staring down really hard to even notice any of them. $250 + shipping. OBO

Stock 99+ (NBS) Door handles. $15 + shipping. OBO

Stock 99-02 (NBS) Chevy parking lamps. $20 + shipping. OBO

Stock tape player out of my 00 chevy. $40 + shipping. OBO

Stock Chrome bumper for 99+ GM fleetside bed. Chrome is in perfect shape and a couple scratches on the pads but nothing noticeable. $150 + shipping OBO. Or if you dont mind having a dent, you could buy my dads bumper for a fleetside, 1 dent but the bumper pads are in perfect shape. I could prolly let that go for $100 + shipping OBO.
This pic is of the bumper with no dent.

NBS Fleetside bedcaps. Been on the truck since February. Perfect shape. Has holes for stake pockets. $40 + shipping. OBO

I also have a set of stock parking lights off of a 99-02 (NBS) GMC Sierra. $20 + shipping. OBO

I wanna get rid of all this quick as possible so I can have money for a cowlhood and to get my rear shaved before I turn 16. My dad will take care of all of the shipping of these items. Thanks for any interest.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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