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The LRD 987 radar detector is the most advanced laser/radar detector available from Uniden. The Uniden LRD 987 is a completely integrated laser/radar detector, and responds to all bands in use today in addition to providing 360° laser detection. This feature packed radar detector contains the features of all other Uniden models, but adds several new features, including a digital display with text readout and an electronic compass. You will not find another radar detector with the features of the Uniden LRD 987, for this price!

The Uniden LRD 987 radar detector provides distinct visual and audio alerts to warn you of the presence of X, K, and Ka-Super Wideband radar signals as well as IR laser signals and Safety Warning System. The advanced digital text display makes it easy to tell what type of signal has been detected, and how strong the signal is. You can drive with confidence when you bring along the Uniden LRD 987.

The Uniden LRD 987 radar detector employs a state-of-the-art electronic system designed to make this radar detector invisible to all current VG-2 radar detectors. The LRD 987 will also warn you of VG-2 use.

No matter what's lurking ahead or behind you, Uniden's LRD radar detectors protect you in both directions. They even detect road hazard alerts so there won't be any surprises. LRD radar detectors from Uniden, don't dare drive without one.

I paid $150 for it and never use it!! looking to get $60 shipped
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