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Alright guys I'm cleaning out the shop and I've got some stuff to sell. All this stuff can be shipped at the buyer's expense, and can be paid for via paypal or money order.

First off are (2) 245/40/ZR20 Hankook Ventus Sport K104's. I had them on my truck for 5,000 miles, and due to not having the DJM uppers to match the lower control arms, they wore out the inside of the tire real quick. The inside is bald, but the remaining 90% of the tire is in absolute great shape. The outsides of the tires still have the nipples on them. They will be good for someone to use on the rear of their truck, or if you need some for the front you can mount them to have the good part on the inside.

I'll take $50 a piece plus shipping for the tires.

This is the first tire..

And the second one...

Next up is a set of AVS Nitrogen bottle brackets. I don't have the hardware for them, but I do have the hydraulic hose it came with if anyone wants it.
$35 for the brackets..

And lastly is a grill shell off a 2006 Chevy Silverado. It's the chrome version with the black mesh insert. The grill came off a brand new Chevy pickup and replaced with another one because of one small nick in the chrome. It's really not a nick, mainly just a small dimple in the chrome, but the owner of the truck wanted it replaced. It's a genuine GM grill with the original stickers on the back of it to authenticate it. All clips are in good shape on the backside. My Dad was going to use it on his 2003, but he doesn't feel like buying the hood to match it. The paintable pieces between the headlamp/parkign lamp are not included, nor is the bowtie.

I'll take $150 for the grill plus shipping.

If you need any more pics PM me and I'll get them for you.


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