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I just went out to my truck to et my glasses and walked by my hood and noticed a little bit of white. I look closer and theres fucking scratches all the fuck over it. Somone put something on my hood then slid it it and put fucking scratches all over it. I dunno what im gonna do but im so sick of ppl not respecting other ppls property. Someone already hit my tailgate and left some of thier paint on it. Im thinking of getting an alarm or something. Im fucking tired of this shit.
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Alarms don't help too much...i have one, and i HATE it...i know at school, if people know u have one, they love to fuck with you even more...there is no tellin how many days ive come outside after school and the alarm has been goin off...if you do get one, get one that pages you, otherwise they don't do sorry to hear about that happening tho, and at some point you will have to accept the fact that 99% of people have NO respect for other peoples property...
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