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Rattle/Squeel from A/C

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I've got a rattle mixed with a squeel from my A/C. I changed the pully and belt, but it's still there.

This only happens around 2000 rpm.

Any clues what this could be?

When it first happened it ripped the belt to the A/C.

2003 GMC 1500HD 6.0

Thanks guys
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It needs a new a/c compressor, it is called liquid slugging because of internal compressor failure. There is a GM service bulletin on this and it was really common failure on 03 suv's and trucks.
yup my 04 yukon had the same shit. Make sure they clean out the AC lines realy good before they replace the comp. The dealer had to warrenty the replacement one b/c it started to do the same due to line contamination.

Mr. 960
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